Puppies Get Bored Too

Puppies are attention-seekers, they tend to seek your attention along with the need to exercise. Otherwise, the dogs start doing several things to entertain themselves which could annoy you. You must play and interact with them by praising or punishing them. You must take out time to take your puppy for short walks. When the puppies get bored, they tend to pick up bad habits. These habits may be very hard to break. When you see the puppy doing wrong deed, start showing him the correct behavior and encourage him by giving him treats and praises for this. The dogs may start licking things, whining or chewing thing to get your attention. However, excessive licking may mean he is having some problem and must immediately be referred to a vet, or it could be simply because of boredom. A bath may help to calm him down. Praise the puppy if he remains still while having a bath.

Whining is difficult to handle. If they have to be put to sleep, you must place the crate in your room so they know that you are near him. Do not go to check on him each time he whines because this may make him whine non-stop.Whining can mean some other things too which can both be good or bad. A houstrained dog may whine when he needs to go out. A sudden yelling whine may mean he is in pain and needs to visit a vet immediately. Some dogs simply whine when you are having your food because they want it. Some whine so you would let them enter into the house. It is important not to give in. You must praise them when they are quiet as this will make them realize that when they are quiet they would get praise and attention.

Puppies might chew everything they can get hold of from shoes, books or papers. This may be while he is teething and his gums are sore or itching. Other times he may be doing it just to entertain himself. Therefore ensure that he has toys which he can chew on. Always praise him for chewing on the right thing and say No in a low voice when he chew on the wrong thing to let him know that you disapprove of his actions.