Dog Breed Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound:
This coursing hound comes from the mountains and plains of Afghanistan, developing from two distinct breeds which are now almost entirely intermingled. There is some evidence that Afghan hounds had moved eastward along the trade routes and had originated in the hounds of the eastern Mediterranean. This dog breed was first imported in to Britain in 1894, but failed to make much of impression until in 1907 a dog named Zondin appeared at shows and attracted the attention of royalty. Afghan hounds were imported into North America in 1926.

A dignified hound, but capable of playing the fool. It needs a lot of exercise and its profuse coat demands frequent grooming. Given proper care it is one of the most striking of dog breeds and for this reason enjoys the mixed blessing of great popularity. The moment of the Afghan should be smooth and springy with considerable style. The dog gives the impression of strength and dignity combined with speed and power. The head is long and lean, the body strong and deep, with very muscled forequarters and powerful hind-quarters. 

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