Dogs Itching

Dog itching is a problem with dogs that drives their owners crazy, some dogs have skin that is so itchy that the pet constantly keeps scratching itself. The pet might use its paws and teeth to scratch at the area until it has removed all of its hair, the scratching is sometimes so bad that it leaves the flesh of the dog raw and bloody. These spots are referred to by pet owners as hot spots, they become an eye sore and cause pet owners a whole lot of embarrassment. The sound of the dog scratching its skin and its whining and crying because of the pain and discomfort makes the owners suffer because of the suffering of their pets. This condition of the skin and the suffering of the dog makes owners desperate to get a proper treatment for their pet.

The modern research and veterinary medicine has fortunately provided several chemical treatments that can help the skin of the dog with itching problems. Although most of these chemical treatments help with the itching problem there are some dogs that have sometimes severe and fatal allergies to these chemicals. Therefore these treatments are not the first available solution available to the pet owners, the best option to go for is proper grooming of the dog, because lack of grooming is the first major cause of skin related problems especially itching.
The best solution available to pet owners for their dog's skin problem is to brush its hair on a daily basis. Most dog itching problems are caused due to the presence of pollen, dirt, mats and dander that stick to the coat of the dog. When these alien material stay on the fur or skin too long they become to irritate the dog's skin and that is the reason dog's start chewing and biting themselves because they are uncomfortable and suffering. Brushing the hair of your dog just one time in a day will stop the buildup of these things that cause irritation of the skin. By brushing the hair regularly not only are you preventing the itching problem but also giving your dog a comforting time that it will enjoy.

Bathing your dog regularly and keeping it clean is also an amazing way to prevent the animal from developing skin related itching problems, regular bathing however does not mean bathing your dog every day, too much water and shampoo will make your dog lose its natural oil in the skin and then the skin dries out becoming more susseptible to infection. Dry skin in dogs is also a very painful and scratchy condition.

while grooming the dog pay special attention to the dog's ears. Dogs tend to attract small biting insects called ear mites in their ears. When the ear mites start to bite the dogs start scratching at their ears, and excessive amount of clawing and pulling at the ear can lead to some potentially ear health issues. If you notice that their is peculiar odor coming from your dog's ears and that the dog no longer wants you to touch his ears he is probably developing an ear infection. Consult a qualified veterinarian for information about how to take care of your dog's problematic ears.

If, despite your best efforts, your dog does develop a hot spot that he chews until it is raw and oozing blood, consult a qualified veterinarian about what topical antibiotic cream you can rub into the hot spot that will prevent infection. If your dog has particularly nasty habit of clawing at the hot spot with their teeth, your veterinarian might recommend that they were a large cone shaped collar that will prevent them from scratching at the spot until it has had time to heal.