Dog Disease - German Shepherd Breed Eye Related problems

The German shepherd dog breed, if correctly bred and reared, should go through life with very few visits to the vet, other than the yearly renewal of its vaccinations.The following is a list of Eye related problems that this breed is prone to. The list of ailments discussed here must seem long, but although many of them are uncommon, they can all occur. We feel we must mention them all - or at least those we know about!

EYE PROBLEMS: Compared with some breeds, German shepherd breed have very few eye complaints.

JUVENILE CATARACT: This is an uncommon hereditary condition. In the UK seven or eight puppies, aged around five or six months, were found to have developed this complaint. They were all sired by the same dog. He was withdrawn from stud, a measure that seems to have successfully controlled the condition in this country. If your Shepherd found to be suffering from this complaint, an operation can improve its sight, but on no account should it be bred from.

PANNUS: This is an uncommon form of corneal inflammation which affects both eyes and can result in blindness. It is characterized by a pink membrane growing across the cornea.

CONJUNCTIVITIS: Inflammation of the eye which can be caused by a virus or bacteria. It is characterized by a pus-like discharge, and sometimes an inflamed third eyelid. Bathe with cold water or dilute solution of Boric acid made up for ophthalmic use. If there is no improvement within a day or two, consult your vet.

CLEAR DISCHARGE: This is usually caused by a foreign body in the eye. Treat as for Conjunctivitis.

ENTROPION: This is very rare in the German Shepherd breed and is caused by ingrown eyelashes. The condition can be corrected by the surgery. This is hereditary and Shepherd should not be bred from. 

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