All the following health problems are serious infections in the German shepherd breed of dogs, but some are covered by yearly inoculations. These are Distemper (Harf Pad), Leptospirosis, Hepatitis (two types). There are five other serious infections which you should be aware of:

KENNEL COUGH (PARAINFLUENZA): There are several different forms of this, some more serious than others. All are highly contagious. A visit to the vet is indicated for any form of Kennel Cough, but a good cough mixture can help relieve the dog's sore throat.

TONSILLITIS: This is a bacterial infection which can also result in a fever. Your vet will soon affect a cure. Keep your Shepherd warm and feed a liquid diet.

PNEUMONIA: This is an inflammation of the lungs which can be caused by a bacteria or virus infection. Your Shepherd’s Breathing will become labored and, if you put your ear to its chest, you will hear a bubbling sound. The dog will usually have a high temperature. Your vet will prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It is essential to keep the dog warm, especially the chest area. If the dog will allow, feed liquid food such as chicken broth or branded convalescent preparations.

BRUCELLOSIS: This is a bacterial infection which can cause abortion or fading puppies. In some countries, a clearance certificate is required before a bitch will be accepted for mating. Your vet will take a swab from the bitch and, if she is founded to be carrying the infection, it can be cured with antibiotics.

NEPHRITIS: This is inflammation of the kidneys, usually caused by some infection. With this condition, your Shepherd will drink a lot and also urinate more than usual. The urine will appear rather thick and dark-yellow in color. The vet will prescribe antibiotics. We have found barley-water very helpful with this condition. You can make it in two ways. Either boil pearl-barley for half an hour, than cool and strain, or soak flaked barley overnight and then drain.