Puppy Care - The Dreaded Bath

Giving a puppy a bath can be amusing for some and torment for others. This is because some puppies love water while the others loathe it. You must view two things while giving your puppy a bath:

    •How many times a month should he bathe?
    •Bathing the puppy more than is required would take away the essential oils needs to keep the coat shiny.

You must collect all the necessary things before beginning if you don’t want a wet dog running behind you throughout the house. You may need tearless shampoo and towel and incase your puppy has long hair then a comb too.

Begin by giving baths to the dog when it is still young as this will allow it to adjust to the water. Put the puppy in a sink or a tub and reward him for staying still. You must give him a treat or scratch, as this would reinforce good behavior.

You must use only luke-warm water and must make sure not to put soap in his eyes or ears. Also take some water in your hands and pat their heads and noses gently. Wash the head area in the end in order to reduce the yearning to shake. Ensure that you wash out properly because the leftover soap can cause itching and flaky skin.

Pet odors are caused due to a number of things which includes soiled fur on long haired dogs, ear infections and dental problems. Check out for swollen gums or missing teeth and also dog's ears and immediately contact a vet if you sense something suspicious. 

Do clip the dog’s nails after every bath if you don’t have a groomer for handling it. Massage the paws so that the puppy remains calm and praise it for staying still. Gently squeeze the paws to extend the nail. You must know how to differentiate between the nail and the quick because if you cut too much then the quick starts to bleed. If you do not know the difference then ask a professional to teach you how to clip nails without causing pain to the puppy.