Puppy Care - Socialization of Your Puppy

A puppy needs to be taken out for walks and rides. Therefore it is a must to get home accustomed to meeting people and other animals. There are many ways to adjust him to the new atmosphere. Puppies are not born with the information of how to do the things right and so you must be patient with it and give it time to adjust until he is comfortable.

The beginning few months of the puppy's life is the perfect time to introduce him to all the things in the world. You must expose the puppy to the everyday household chores. The mother of the puppy would definitely teach the pups some social skills.

Introduce your new puppy to the family in a quiet atmosphere as this would give it time to get to know the people without sounds of other people in the background which can cause unwanted stress on the puppy.

As soon as the dog has been vaccinated and is allowed to socialize, you must begin taking it on walks and outings to become accustomed to the surroundings.

In order to avoid fierce behavior in your dog, make sure you introduce him to people of all ages. This is because if you make him meet only elderly people, he would freak out if he happens to run into children.

You must give some treat for the puppy to the person who is being introduced to your puppy for the first time as this will build trust between the two.  

If you have a very busy schedule and can not give time for the raising of a puppy, then it’s best not to bring one home. This is because the puppy needs a lot of tolerance and affection in their first few months with you. They also need a schedule in order to differentiate between the acceptable behavior and wrong manners.