Puppy Care - House training Your Puppy


House training requires you to be able to follow a schedule and a lot of tolerance. Most puppies find it easier to follow a schedule because they get accustomed to doing the things at the same time everyday and thus they are able to master the conduct you want quickly.

First of all you must determine your dog’s ability to hold urine. You must keep a record for several days until you are able to fix his eating and eliminating patterns. Subtracting 15-30 minutes from this time would be comfortable for your puppy. This is the maximum he can hold his urine after he has eliminated once.

The puppy will need to go after eating, drinking, playing or sleeping. Most puppies tend to eliminate three to five times a day if they haven't had any excess water. Most suitable thing to do is taking him out for a walk and keeping him out until he is done with potty. You must be willing to stay with him until he does so, no matter how long it may take him. This is in order to avoid a likely accident inside the house.

You must be generous with your praises each time he behaves properly. This makes him efficient because he knows that by doing so he would be receiving attention and most likely a treat. If you delay your praise then it won’t have the same magic. They prefer certain areas to eliminate on and so make it a point to close doors to rooms which have carpets and rugs or else they would likely find their favorite spots.

If the puppy has an accident, you must make use of pet odor neutralizer to avert any smell. However, you must avoid using ammonia based cleaners because they break into urea which is a part of urine.