Dog Disease - Surgical neutering of the male dog

In order to control the fierce actions of the male dogs, owners may carry out surgical neutering because this helps to control the dog’s restlessness which may cause misery for the owner. Therefore, one can say that neutering is beneficial to the dog owner. The dog may be subjected to surgical neutering at an early stage and as a result the hormonal impact in them is greatly reduced.

Surgical neutering prevents the occurrence of prostate gland diseases. In male dogs, the prostate enlargement is very frequent and neutering reduces the prostate enlargement.
Adult dogs may suffer from constipation which is mainly because of the increased size of the prostate gland. However, before getting the dog treated for prostate enlargement, one must ensure that constipation is not linked with feed borne constipation such as lack of fibers etc. Neutering shrinks the prostate gland. In surgical neutering, testicles are removed using aseptic tactics and incision is placed in front of the scrotum.  

It is not necessary to close the wound; however the after cutting the testicle cords must be tied up. Swelling may occur in the scrotum in two to three days because of tissue reaction. However, this can be easily healed by giving the antibiotic which has a thicker spectrum of activities. The animal may undergo septic shock if the surgical site gets affected by microbial infections, and in these cases a thorough dressing is done to the wounds and the patient is kept under observation.

In case stray male dogs are captured by local animal organizations then they may perform surgical neutering on them.