Dog Disease - Dog's examination by a veterinarian

Physical examinations of dogs are of extreme importance as they are quite simple and yet can diagnose most of the diseases in dogs. Therefore one should not assume the status of their dog’s health without the physical examination.

It is importance to observe your dog if it’s scratching. You should get hold of the dog and separate the hair material from the site where he is scratching. The scratching may be due to a big wound in that area. One may also surprisingly come across lice infestation or tick problem in the skin and coat during one of the many physical examinations. At the same time the dog may also give signs of pain during physical technique by palpation technique. Signs of pain may be seen when the dog is examined at the stomach or back regions.   
One can also detect acute renal disorders in the dogs by pressure based palpation. Cystitis with severe retention of urine can easily be diagnosed by physical examination. The full bladder along with signs of pain at the site of urinary bladder would show that the animal is suffering from Cystitis. Auscultation of heart on both sides rules out abnormal heart sounds and on the other hand auscultation in the pulmonary area reveals that the dog may be suffering from respiratory system disorders such as pneumonia.