Dog Disease - Variety to keep your Dog from boredom

Boredom and variety are always inter-linked with the misbehavior of dog. Many times, boredom can be controlled by a variety of things which will distract the animal to a greater limit. As a result, the dog would not do odd or unwanted activities out of boredom that it experiences.  

Several behavioral patterns may be observed in dogs suffering from boredom. For instance, few dogs will bark continuously while some would keep themselves busy in digging activities.
There are several ways to get your dog out of boredom activities.

  • There are toys available in the market which simulate duck, rodent, dog etc. These toys may be kept inside the crate because the puppies tend to love them.  
  • Treats for your dog may be placed in its shelter within a buster cube. A buster cube is toy which is used for simulating and activating your dog during play time and feed time. The dog will soon learn to roll the buster cube for its treat.
  • Change the place of the dog’s food instead of placing it at just one place because such actions will help remove boredom like activity in your dog.
  • If the dog has biting habits, and is seen destroying objects such as chair, cloth, mat etc by biting then it should be provided with other materials to bite on. Perhaps some large sized balls or mineral mixture based bone materials, etc. However, the owner must make sure whether it’s a boredom related activity or teething problem in case of a puppy. 

An active dog will keep itself busy and not be bored, boredom in pets can lead to several depression related diseases. It is important that you keep your pet entertained and active, this will lead your pet to live a healthy and long life, and keep it safe from several dog diseases.