Dog Disease - Cost Of Dog Feeds

An essential point to be considered while feeding dogs is the cost of dog feed. The cost factor is essential during the preparation of food items so that the dog may get balance food with appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements in the food.

In most cases the expenditure on dog’s food is not of much importance because the value of dog is calculated in the amount of friendship and the felicity that the owner gets from the dog. The feed for dogs is expensive but most owners prefer this because of the many advantages they get from their dogs, for instance, protection, guidance, etc.  

Good quality ingredients must be selected for home made foods. Some people may use cheaper items and not look for the quality. Guidelines may be taken from the recommended nutrient contents which is available in all nations from the national nutrient academies.

The cost factors can be related with the items available in various countries. Normally, the commercial food items are expensive and this is more so in the case where modern technology is used to prepare food. The modern technologies may include oven-baking, sterilization of cans, air drying of the content or freeze drying of the contents etc.

The cost of canned food is more than that of the dry food. However, the costs of the items vary according to the kind of food item to be used for dogs. It is important to monitor the allergies in dogs when different food items are being used because cheaper food is generally of bad quality and may cause damage to the dog. It is important not to ignore the quality, simply because of the cost.  

Nowadays the cost of the dog food is mentioned on their labels and therefore the owners can easily purchase what they can afford. It is very important that you feed your loved pet a healthy and balanced diet and always give it quality food; this will ensure a healthy pet with a healthy immune system that will be protected from many dog diseases.