Jumping of Dog

Your dogs loves you and prove it, he wants to greet you by looking your right in the eye. And you love him too. But when you’re all dressed up or holding a drink in your hand, you’d probably prefer that he didn’t show his love by jumping up in this way. Or maybe your dog’s a friendly fellow with strangers, but they may not always be happy to see him up so close, especially young children or the elderly.

When he was a puppy, your dog seemed so cute jumping up on your legs to get attention. At the time be barely reached your knees and weighed only a few pounds. Who could resist petting and picking up such a tiny thing? But when he jumps up now, he may be able to put his paws on your shoulders. He could easily knock you over and cause injury.

How to Stop It:
To train your dog not to jump up, you have to reprimand him each and every time. If you allow him to jump up on you when you’re playing ball with him on the weekend, then yell the words “Down!” at other times, he won’t understand why it’s okay one day and not the next. “When you say ‘Off’ your dog should know you mean it,” says Sandy Myers, a behavior consultant and trainer in Naperville, Illinois. Make sure everyone in the family follows the same rule of not allowing him to jump up. Even if they say its okay, correct him anyway. It’s confusing and not fair to make him follow the rule with some people and not others.

If your dog jumps up on you, don’t pet him. He should receive a pat and hug only when all four of his feet are on the ground. This should also be the case when you’re sitting on the couch and he tries to climb into your lap.

If you know there are certain times when he is sure to jump up, such as when someone walks through the front door, put his leash on before you even open the door. Plan a training session by asking a friend to come over. When your dog goes to leap, step on the leash close to where he’s standing and say “OFF.” When he sits, praise him with a few pats. He’ll soon realize he gets the attention he wants only when he’s sitting and waiting for it.

If your dog starts jumping up on someone and you’re too far away to step on his leash, say “Off” and toss a soda can filled with pennies near him. The noise should surprise him enough to stop his hop. When he obeys your command, give him lots of praise.