Labrador - Foreseeing Dangers

Our daily surroundings can present many dangers for a dog. Be mindful of your Labrador’s natural inclinations, and supervise it closely – especially outdoors – to prevent mishaps. Never leave your dog alone in situations where it may imperil itself or others, and be prepared to avert and react to trouble.

Ensuring Safety with your lively Labrador:
Dealing with Boisterous Behavior an ebullient Labrador can unwittingly injure someone or cause property damage. If your dog accidentally or intentionally bites, both you and your pet may face legal redress. Good training is a social duty as well as sound prevention, but also obtains insurance for your dog’s activities.

Potential Hazards in Water Labradors are marvelous swimmers, but treacherous or icy waters should still be avoided. Be wary of water – borne diseases such as leptospirosis, spread by infected rat, urine, and blue – green algae bloom, which can cause itchy skin, diarrhea, and even death. Ensure that your dog will be able to safely get in, and out of, any body of water.
Controlling an Inquisitive Nature monitors your Labrador carefully when of the lead. Impetuous, curious dogs are more prone to injury, and exploratory wanders or investigative digging can result in bites from wild animals, stings, and irritations caused by plants or insects. Keep your dog away from known dangers, and carry a first aid kit to treat minor cuts and lacerations. Always use a lead to maintain firm control whenever your dog or others may be at risk.

Emergency Treatment with any case of poisoning, look for signs of shock, and give essential first aid as required. Contact your vet or local poison – control centre for specific advice, and begin home treatment as quickly as possible, preferably under professional guidance by telephone.
Store all Toxins Securely:
Labrador Retrievers, especially when young, are inveterate chewers. Keep all household, gardens, and swimming – pool chemicals stored safely out of reach, and never give your dog an empty container as a toy, or it will regard all similar objects as play items – with potentially tragic results.

Protection from Electrical Hazards:
Puppies naturally gnaw anything, and particularly appealing. Train your dog from an early age not to tamper with electrical apparatus, and reduce the risk of burns or electrocution by placing electrical cords out of reach or spraying them with bitter – tasting aerosol. Switch off sockets when not in use and, if possible, add protective covers. If your Labrador does chew through a live cable, do not risk your own life. Turn off the main electricity supply before administering first aid.