Dog breeds that need extra affection

Dog ownership is not just a hobby or something you can decide to do without thinking things through. Owning a dog brings with it great responsibility, pet ownership requires us to do a lot of things, with dogs that you bring into your home and make part of your family there are a lot of requirements too, grooming, feeding, exercise, health care are all parts of your job when you bring a dog home.

Each dog breed has individual needs and although almost every dog breed likes to be loved and paid attention to, there are certain breeds of dogs that are more demanding and require extra attention and affection by their owners. These dog breeds if isolated too much will suffer and eventually develop behavior problems. We have developed this list of breeds so that you know if you choose to get one of these breeds for your home you will need to pay special attention to them because these breeds are what are known as "affectionate shadows" and they love to be close to their owners.