Calm Laid back dog breeds

Every dog breed has its own attributes and behavioral traits, some are very active while others are lazy and slow, some might be calm while others can be protective and ferocious, selecting a dog breed for yourself and your family depends on what attributes you are looking for in a dog breed.

Here we are compiling a list of the various dog breeds that are on the calmer, laid back side. Although these dog breeds are playful at times and can be active, but in general the following dog breeds are known to be laid back and lazy so if you are looking for breed that is calm and leads the lifestyle of a couch potato these are breeds that you should go for.

Alaskan Malamute
Basset Hound
Chow Chow
Great Dane
Saint Bernard

Check out our dog breeds section for more details on each dog breed, as well as health and disease issues particular to the dog breed.